Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3904: Skyline International Radio @ 17.56. SINPO 22232.

6220: Mystery Radio @ 17.48. SINPO 54444. Today again excellent, strong signal ! ID at 17.50.
Still good signal at 19.02 UTC.

Reception of Mystery Radio deteriorated dramatically when RTE launched its broadcast on the same channel. Here is sample recording (SINPO for Mystery Radio is 31431):

Mystery Radio still on air at 20.46 UTC, no co-channel RTE, but propagation somewhat worse: SINPO 44433. But signal fully usable and audible.
At 21.01 UTC signal faded nearly completelly - SINPO 14211.

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uk dxer said...

Will Mystery still be on at 1930 when RTE is supposed to begin broadcasting on 6220?